Immersion like no other.
During this sound immersion I felt my limitations melting away. I'm forever grateful.

I'll be going again!

Powerfully inviting.

So many textures for only 2 guys on stage. Like a sonic art exhibit. Unlike anything I've heard before.

During their live performance, the music has been described as a sound Mandela as Ray and Mark channel the sounds of the primordial universe. Primarily using guitars and Chinese gongs, each performance is unique upon itself as the energy within the room moves the music and reflects an intimate interaction with the audience.  Although the music is excellent for deep meditation, performing yoga or dance is very common during their performance. It is truly an interactive experience between audience and performer.  Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose clothing as the music takes you on an inner journey into the portals of your consciousness.


Carried away to another dimension.

A channel was opened to my higher self. Like a celestial symphony guiding me within.

When we started this project, it was our goal to create music that would reflect the adage: “Think globally, and act locally.”  It is our hope the soothing tones of Portal 108 will help counteract the frenzied energies of our everyday go, go, go life styles.

By providing an environment that immerses the listener into a deep meditative state, we feel this is our way of helping to heal the planet as we share Portal 108 music with all our brothers and sisters.